Escape From…Boudica’s Army – Andrea Pate


The Roman scum have made our lives a misery. None of them are leaving here alive.

Ty’s family have just moved from the great city of Rome to the new capital of Roman Britain, Camulodunum. After struggling to make friends with the boys at his new school, a violent encounter with local boy Addie turns to close friendship. However, a visit to the local Trinovantes village threatens to end their time together. In the meantime, the great Iceni queen Boudica is fed up with the Romans in her homeland. She’s building an army and getting ready to fight back.As the friendship between the two boys and their families grow, so does the unrest between the locals and their Roman invaders.

Can Addie save Ty from the threat of Boudica’s army, or will they be overcome by the fiery haired queen and her bloodthirsty horde?

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