Hank the Hungry Monster – Julie Derrick


‘Hank the Hungry Monster’ is the first book in the Mind Monsters series and aims to raise awareness to child OCD.

Hank is a very hungry monster, but he’s not hungry for food, he’s hungry for power!

Meanwhile, Annabelle is a bubbly little girl, who loves to play with her friends.

Until, one day, something happens, that makes her feel very sad.

The book was written by a mother, to help parents and guardians spot the early signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder, before it takes hold, and to teach children how to speak up to OCD thoughts.

The story also attempts to convey the importance of confiding in someone and how words and actions can have consequences on others.

50% of any profits made from the book are being donated to CITT, which is a specialist team within CAHMS (children and adolescent mental health services.)

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