I Know Myself: A Children’s Colouring Book & Mindset Journal – Jane Komussar


Dear Parents & Teachers,

Want to wake up every morning to emotionally stable, grateful, confident, capable, (and dare I say) HAPPY children?

Children, who realise that controlling their actions, decisions, thoughts, and emotions unlocks the doorways to achieving anything they want in life?

Quickly? Easily? Joyfully?

All without Negotiating? Yelling? Or feeling like the bad guy?

More than a delightfully fun colouring book and children’s mindset journal, I Know Myself combines one day of colouring, journaling and listening at a time.

Most important…Kids love it! (Who doesn’t love colouring?)


Did you know affirmation colouring books trigger the same brainwave states as meditation? In children and adults? Colouring promotes mental relief, decreased anxiety, enhanced focus, creativity, a heightened state of mindfulness, and natural expulsion of negative thoughts while opening the mind to new, positive, supportive beliefs.

What’s Inside

Daily Affirmations Colouring Pages

Aligned Daily Journal Prompt Questions 

Matching Affirmation Cards to Cut-Out, Carry & Review

Daily Audio Affirmations – Snap the QR code by each Colouring Page Journal Prompt to access daily.

Are you ready to Gift Your Child The Easiest, Fastest, Simplest Way To Cultivate a Winner’s Mindset?

‘I Know Myself’ is about more than emotional integration and self-control; It’s a systemised, simple, smart, effective solution to help children embrace the proven mindset and emotional regulation concepts that empower them with the realisation that they’re wonderful, worthy, confident, powerful people who can control their emotions, reactions, and outcomes in life by implanting the good thoughts that cultivate and nurture lifelong success and happiness.

Upon completion your child will walk away with a deep knowing;

that they possess all the power within to react calmlyrespond patiently, and ultimately carve their own joyful pathway forward to create a life they love

An amazing life you’ll love knowing you helped nurture for decades to come.

*Illustrations by award-winning illustrator and graphic designer Karel Korp.

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